Amillionhorses was created with the core objective to raise public awareness about horses and to address the earnest need for rescue services. The core objective of Amillionhorses.com is to enhance the quality of life for all horses across the globe by providing readers with in-depth knowledge about them through informative and innovative blogs. This likewise refines the lives of people via their connection with horses.

A few racehorses receive proper treatment when their racing career reached an end. If in good health, they might get a second shot at racing career. However, the ones which are not in good shape may be utilised to breed horses or as pasture pets. Some move into long haul asylums, while others are unfortunately disposed of. They are frequently sold off cheaply at auctions usually to butchers. Amillionhorses emphasises on such horses that are quite often abandoned or sold by their owners and saved by Australian horse rescues.

Animal advocate groups have been fighting for the cause of horses for a long time now. These activists are protesting against the slaughter of Australian horses for the purpose of human consumption. This unpleasant brutality has been a raging issue for some time now. As time went on, it was additionally apparent that the meat was defiled by medications given to the stallions implying that it is not totally safe for consumption.

The informative blogs present here will furnish you with all such issues and the efforts done by various horse rescues to save these beautiful animals and improve their overall living conditions.