A Complete Guide for Cleaning Horse Stable

The task of cleaning stables may not be the most difficult task but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. Any scenario that involves the health and comfort of your horse, such as cleaning their stable, entails maximum effort and care on your part. ┬áIf you can do it quickly without much stress, that’s even better.

Horses spend a significant part of their day in a stable. In case, it is not kept clean and maintained properly, it is bound to attract insects and germs, putting the health of the horses at stake. An unclean and messy stable can bring out hoof issues such as thrush. In the similar manner, if the horses inhale ammonia from urine saturated bedding it can result in breathing problems, especially for ponies. Besides that, it can be uncomfortable and annoying to work in an unhygienic and smelly stable. Taking that into consideration, cleaning stable ought to be on top of the priority list of the owners and caretakers. If done in a proper manner, it takes around thirty minutes to quickly clean a stable. Be that as it may, this time period can be extended beyond an hour, if the cleaning does not take place on daily basis.

The right equipment and tools make any occupation less demanding and same is the case with stable cleaning. Take for example, if you bed with straw or bedding hay, a pitchfork will come in handy. On the off chance that you utilise shavings or wood pellet bedding, a bedding fork with tines is a must. Other basic requirements include a waste basin and a wheelbarrow, to dispose of the dirty bedding and compost. Get your cleaning devices and park your wheelbarrow near the entryway preferably in the direction you’ll need to go when it is full.

It is imperative to dress in proper clothes, conducive to the task at hand. Many caretakers and workers complain about blisters. Gloves are an ideal alternative for this particular issue. Horse urine can damage the sewing on the soles of leather riding boots. Spare yourself boot cleaning time by wearing rubber boots.

The kind of bedding used in the stable has a direct bearing on how quickly you can complete the cleaning. It is advisable to use wood pellet bedding as it is relatively easier to sift through as opposed to straw and bedding hay.

Last but not the least, taking professional assistance for stable cleaning can prove to be a wise decision. Fortunately, there is a host of professional cleaning firms looking for a cleaning contract in Melbourne. You can get in touch with a nearby reputable cleaning firm for your stable cleaning requirements.