Ensure the Safety of your Horses

Every horse owner understands the importance of keeping their equine friend safe & secure. It is therefore imperative that we plan a course of action to safeguard our horses, reduce the risks connected with horse ownership, thereby, ensuring the safety of the yard.

Two of the greatest dangers that horse owners are often confronted with are fire and burglary. It is crucial to consider the repercussions of such incidents and take appropriate measures to prevent them.

The most unnerving peril to any yard is the risk of fire. As stables have different kinds of flammable materials like bedding, hay & wood, in abundance. Therefore, there is always a chance of fire, especially if you are not careful enough. It is, therefore, crucial that you enforce a stringent no smoking policy. Yards ought to be kept spick & span and sludge piles must not be permitted to get too large as there is a danger of self ignition particularly in warm climate.

There should also be an adequate number of fire extinguishers fitted on the yard Electrical Test and Tag is another important safety measure that every yard owner must adopt in order to prevent fire hazards. Although a stable is generally a low risk environment in terms of mishaps ensuing from electrical malfunctions, it is important to make sure that portable electrical equipment in the yard is safe.