Keeping Stable Clean and Horses Healthy

Cleanliness and health closely complement each other more so for stables and horses. While horses are outdoor animals and should kept out in the open for most of the day, the stables where they are confined to for some time should be clean and well maintained at all times.

The place should be mucked out frequently, and it has to be ensured that the bedding is aired out and dry. Wet beddings tend to damage the hoof of horses. There is another aspect to it. Ammonia fumes from urine can adversely affect the lungs reducing their staying and running power. If your horses are not getting adequate pasture the hay being fed to them has to be free of dust to prevent COPD. Buckets must be regularly checked for cleanliness.

Since the health of your horses is at stake, it is always preferable to entrust the job of keeping the stables clean to professional services specialising in commercial cleaning in Sydney. Being experts in this field, their cleaners will know exactly how to go about it. For example, the walls of the stalls will be checked for cobwebs as they retain moisture and dust. The floors will be cleaned and dried and the rubber matting used to prevent injuries regularly hosed down. The horses of course should be let in when the matting has dried out.

All horse owners should keep in mind that stable management is an integral part of having horses.